Microblading & Permanant Cosmetic


Also known as permanent cosmetics or micropigmentation, this technique implants pigment into skin layers to enhance your natural features and create effortless beauty. Whether you have an active lifestyle and need a perfect look “on the go”, or your skin is sensitive to traditional cosmetic products - micropigmentation or microblading is the solution. No more obsessing over the shape, symmetry and color of your brows. Your new look is sweat proof, waterproof, smudge proof and effortless.

Agape Aloha Spa strives to provide the highest quality tools and techniques in the industry. We customize each service to the needs of each client according to their facial shape and features. Our talented and friendly artist will work with you to get the perfect brow, eyeliner and lip shape you desire. Each treatment is a two session process and will require a 4-8 week follow up perfection session.

Microblading 3D Brows
Microblading can dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrows. It is an excellent solution to thinning or over-tweezed brows, as well as brows that have lost color, shape and definition. Microblading makes use of finer and thinner strokes mimicking natural hair, creating the most natural appearance.

This treatment includes: Consultation, measure, shape and design, symmetry analysis, grooming of brows, microblading & numbing, pigment mask and after care kit.
Microblading + Microshading
If you like the natural look of microblading but want added definition, this service is for you. This technique is similar to microblading with an added technique of microshading. After microblading the brow, specific areas are shaded to create more depth and darkness to the brow. This is exceptional for brows that have areas that are sparse and uneven from other brow.

This treatment includes: Consultation, measure, shape and design, symmetry analysis, grooming of brows, numbing, microblading & microshading, pigment mask and after care kit.
Ombre Powdered Brows
If you prefer a darker and more defined look that creates the appearance of powdered make-up brows this is the service for you. The brows are shaded to create a gradient effect with the lightest area starting at the head of the brow and darkest at the tail. This technique uses a permanent make-up machine that allows for deeper penetration, which allows for longer retention and recommended for oily-skin clients.

This treatment includes: Consultation, measure, shape and design, symmetry analysis, grooming of brows, numbing, powdered shading, pigment mask and after care kit.
Combo Microbladed & Ombre Brows
If you love the appearance of natural hair strokes but also desire the look of ombre powdered brows this is the service for you. This service creates the look of hair strokes at the head of the brow and gradually shades into an ombre effect that darkens to the tail. This technique uses both, a manual tool and micropigmentation machine. The micropigmentation machine allows for deeper penetration, which results in longer retention. Recommended for oily-skin clients.

This treatment includes: Consultation, measure, shape and design, symmetry analysis, grooming of brows, numbing, microblading, ombre shading, pigment mask and after care kit.
Natural Upper Lash Enhancement
To create the most natural look, pigment is placed in between lashes and does not extend above the lash line. Perfect for the women who want a natural look with an extra enhancement.
Upper Lid Permanent Eyeliner
If you desire a dramatic lasting look to your eyes, permanent eyeliner is for you. This method will give your eyes definition and bring out their natural beauty. Suitable for women who are sensitive to tradition cosmetics, have trouble applying eyeliner, or want the added convenience of not applying it daily.
Lower Lid Permanent Eyeliner
Are you tired of applying eyeliner each day or worried about it being smeared? Create a lasting look of eyeliner to your lower lid, with this treatment. In most cases, to create a more natural effect, pigment is applied thicker and darker on the outer area of lash line and tapers and softens toward the inner corner.
Upper and Lower Permanent Eyeliner
To create more definition to the shape of your eyes Save time and money, by getting both top and bottom eyeliner in one session.
Permanent Beauty Mark
Draw attention to your best facial features and add glamour to your look.
Tattoo / Permanent Make-up / Microblading Removal
Lighten and remove bad tattoo, permanent makeup or microblading with this safe and natural solution. Using the world’s first and only hypertonic saline solution, containing no carcinogens or chemicals that have FDA warnings. We use the best saline removal product on the market, that includes the finest sea salt available from around the world, guaranteeing a filtering process that makes the product as pure as possible, with preserved aloe to give the best stability and results.
Color Correction (Added onto a service)
Adjust or neutralize colors that have turned orange, pink, blue, purple, green or gray using custom blended pigments to bring about the desired color.
Follow up Perfecting Session
It is highly recommended for each client to return for a follow up perfecting session 4-8 weeks after the initial session. Everyone heals differently and outcome will vary, so it is important for Permanent Make-up Specialist to examine the results after the healing process. Certain areas may not pick up during first session or heal uneven due to skin type and aftercare. Seventy percent of your outcome of your results will be determined by aftercare. Individuals with oily skin often require a deeper shade during the touch up session, as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. Pigment color, thickness and shape may also need to be adjusted during this time.
4-8 weeks from initial appointment
9-13 weeks from initial appointment
14-18 weeks from initial appointment
19-23 weeks from initial appointment
Color Boost/Touch-up
Annual color boost are for returning clients only. New clients must pay full price and send photos of existing permanent make up.
6-12 months from last appointment
24 months from last appointment
36 months from last appointment
After 36 months
Full Price