Chair massage
Chair Massage is done in an ergonomically designed portable chair, fully clothed with no oil. It focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Perfect for a quick rejuvenation. This service is great for corporate rewards, parties or events.
(per minute) $1
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
This ancient Hawaiian healing modality involves loving hands that help to relieve the muscles of unwarranted muscle pain and promotes deep relaxation. Our therapist uses tropical scented massage oil and incorporates hot stones to release tension and create balance in the mind, body and spirit as if you were on the islands of Hawaii.
(55 min) $70
(85 min) $95
This classic massage uses specific techniques and light pressure which has proven effective for years to improve circulation, ease muscle tension and release toxins from your body. This massage is recommended for those who have never experienced a professional massage and those who want to rejuvenate and relax their mind and body.
(55 min) $60
(85 min) $85
Deep Tissue
This therapeutic massage focuses on muscular zones that specifically target muscle pain and spasms due to stress or tension. Stretching and firmer pressure is used to facilitate the release of toxins, ensure better mobility and restore well-being. Deep tissue massage is recommended for individuals who have experienced a professional massage and desire a deeper, more intense massage.
(55 min) $75
(85 min) $95
This pampering massage is provided for new and expecting mothers from the relief of body aches, tension, fatigue, swelling and numbness that are common side effects of pregnancy. Extra pillows are used for support and comfort for mom and baby.
(55 min) $65
(85 min) $85
Hot Stone add-on
This ancient technique incorporates heated, polished stones which are placed and massaged on specific points on the body to melt away deep muscle aches and tension. The hot stone experience relieves pain, promotes a sense of well-being, balance and peace.
(back, arms & hands) $15
(feet & legs) $10
(full body) $20
Aromatherapy add-on
Essential botanical oils are incorporated into the massage through application onto the skin, as well as through olfactory senses. The essential oils promote a variety of benefits including relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, decongestion and many more. This add-on can be customized to your needs and desire.
(per session) $8